550 kVA 415V Diesel Generator - Cummins Powered

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550 kVA 415V Diesel Generator - Cummins Powered Specification Download PDF brochure.

  • Model : 550 kVA 415V Diesel Generator - Cummins Powered
  • Subcategory : Infinite Power Generator
  • By-Physical-Size : Large Generator
  • By-Sector : Industrial Generators
  • By-Silence : Silent Generator
  • By-Application : Utility Generators, Emergency Generators, Agricultural Generators, Construction Generators
  • By-Phases : 3 Phase Generator
  • By-Voltage : 415V Generator
  • Fuel-Type : Diesel Generator
  • Rated-Output : 500KVA Generator
  • Stock ID : LP500C3ST


Cummins Powered
Cummins Reliability
Cummins Australia Warranty
Stamford Alternator
550 kVA 415 Volt
Water Cooled
Engine Speed Controller
Synchronise Capable
Australian Compliant
Full RCD andamp; M.E.N. Wiring
Remote Start Systems Available
Custom Build to Your Specifications
A 550kVA Diesel Generator is by far the best choice for off grid power production. Our 550kVA diesel generator will run and keep on running as long as you need it to, wherever you need it to. No conditions are too harsh and no generators boast this level of safety and reliability at an industry low cost. The LP500C3ST is up to the task of keeping your business or mine running for ten hours continuously on prime load and only using 100 litres of cost efficient diesel fuel an hour. It comes fully equipped with fail safe engine protection, emergency stop and a battery isolator as standard.
These diesel generators are heavy duty and weigh 5217 kg.
This generator has full earthleakage protection protecting you against electrocution and is a requirement at all homes and workshops. This is installed to Australian Standards.
The engine is an Cummins six cylinder industrial diesel engine with a very good reputation for reliability. We supply this generator fully prepared and primed with all fluids and ready for use upon receipt.
They are fully equipped with fail safe engine protection (low oil pressure shut off, overspeed, start fault, external fault, speed control, temperature control.)
The alternator is a 4 pole brushless Stamford alternator.
Parts are readily available through us and most consumables like filters are available almost everywhere.
Competetive pricing - Bring us a quote if you have found a cheaper build like for like.
As Australia's premium international supplier of generators we can build to your specifications.



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